This course intends to help you know everything about LinkedIn Ads, mostly used for B2B campaigns either to generated awareness or drive qualified Leads. Following this course, you will feel comfortable with the LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you will easily navigate across the tool accessing the Admin panel to grant access and manage your billing, the account assets tab that will allow you to access LinkedIn insight tag (LinkedIn Web pixel), conversion events, create audiences and access your predefined and customized Lead forms. You will understand how to read and to export different metrics and breakdowns based on your needs. You will also know how to build a LinkedIn strategy around your digital campaigns, launch effective and granular campaigns and optimize them according to your KPIs.

Digital Marketing Platforms
2 hours
LinkedIn Ads are the most B2B-relevant Ads available in the Digital advertising palette nowadays. These Ads are more expensive than many other Paid...
2 Lectures
2 hours
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