Twitter Ads are Sponsored (Paid Ads) that run on Twitter Home timelines, Profiles, Search results and Twitter Audience Platform (if selected). Given the fact that Twitter is a content-focused platform, any business that has rich content keeping its Twitter page up to date and having spare digital marketing budget, should give these Ads a try. They do great when it comes to engagement, website traffic and video views objectives. They have also shown very encouraging outcomes related to mobile Apps and In-app conversions. Many campaign goals are available on Twitter Ads, one of the most interesting being the conversion goal as well as the follower campaign objective, this is mostly used for engagement and followers’ campaigns (influencers and content creators). Twitter works best with great Video Content and on-point tweets with attractive CTA and HD visuals. Twitter Ads should be used in close relationship with your Twitter profile, this means that businesses need to have enough internal resources to keep their Twitter profile up to date and engaging.

Twitter is a part of Push Marketing channels, which means that your promoted tweets need to be appealing enough to make an impact on customers that do not necessarily know your brand (new customers), however, you can still run Ads targeted towards past visitors or past customers by uploading a list of email ID that Twitter then matches with your 1st party database.

Main features

  • Learn everything about Twitter Ads
  • Find out how to create a Twitter pixel and implement it directly on your website or via Google Tag Manager, use Twitter pixel helper to troubleshoot your pixel
  • Discover how to strategize, launch, measure and optimize Twitter Ads
  • Know the most interesting targeting options available on Twitter ad manager, learn how to combine audiences for an optimal outcome
  • Learn how to create eye-catchy promoted tweets and website and Apps cards
  • Understand how to use UTMs to track the traffic coming from Twitter Ads, landing on your website or Mobile App.

What is the target audience?

  • Digital Marketers seeking to expand their current push marketing activations with a strong content-driven channel like Twitter.
  • Marketers who are looking to know more about what to expect from Twitter and which kind of Ads can run via Twitter Ad Manager.
  • Business owners with a spare budget, wanting to explore new ways to scale their business.

This course focuses on teaching you how to build a strategy around your Twitter Ads, learn how to create a Twitter Ad account, how to plug your payment method and install your pixel, learn how to use the pixel helper to troubleshoot your pixel. Discover how targeted campaigns can be created while combining different targeting methods to find the best-combined audience pools based on your very own KPIs. You will also know how to optimize Twitter Ads and AB test different Ad formats, bidding strategy and landing pages.

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• Any Digital marketer looking to expand their digital exposure while leveraging a heavily-content driven push marketing channel
• Any business highly engaged on Twitter from a content point of view, with a great product/service.
• Comprehensive introductory Course to Twitter Ads
• Understand how to create and set up a Twitter Ad account
• Learn how to install a Twitter’s pixel
• Create your first Twitter campaign and understand the logic behind the targeting and campaign structure
• Monitor and optimize your campaign efficiently
This course includes three sections:
1. One Slide document that includes a learning frame with detailed insights you can use to go back to if you have any questions or need any specific information related to the course.
2. Video course: a hands-on course in a video format to make the most of your learning experience with our instructor Aida Sahraoui
3. Quiz: test your knowledge and assess your skills thanks to our quick yet comprehensive quiz.

Apple iOS changes ⚠️A scary stat for advertisers...about two in five consumers will allow apps to track them in iOS 14, according to a recent survey of smartphone owners While over 60% will not allow apps tracking, and that will decrease global ad personalization capability by 44% 😲 as soon as Apple releases the next version of its mobile operating system.Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks💡Customers use their smartphones and tablets to access the web. It is crucial to make your website and content mobile-friendly 📲 and accessible to users on all screen sizes.Mobile market share worldwide is 52.1% compared to the desktop market share of 44.2%.Phone-based CPCs cost 24% less than desktop and have a 40% higher CTR.Quick tips for online marketing successUse social media actively:Regular communications 💬 with existing customers 👪 and drawing attention to those outside of social media (ie: getting in touch via your latest blog post) can definitely help in strengthening your brand.Go on now, don't leave them hanging 😉

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Enrolled: 225 students
Duration: 2 hours
Lectures: 2
Video: 1 hour
Level: Intermediate
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