Snapchat Ads are sponsored (Paid) Ads that run on Snapchat and Snap Audience Network (when eligible), including placements like Publisher Stories, Our Stories, Shows, User Stories, Content Interstitial, and the Audience Network.

Snapchat Ads are launched Via Snapchat Ad Manager that offers powerful targeting options with several bidding strategies, Ad formats, placement possibilities and so on. Snapchat is very popular among millennials and young adults (up to 35 years old). Given the fact that Snapchat is a camera-first platform, any advertiser that is considering running Paid Ads on Snapchat, should have the right type of content to advertise since the goal of sponsored content is to have users relate with your Ads In order to make an action, whether it is a visit to page, Text or a call, etc. If you do not have eye-catchy videos, we strongly advise you to develop this missing part of the puzzle, before promoting anything.

Keep in mind that Snapchat is great for awareness and considering, however, if you are looking for high conversion rates and ROIs, we advise you to start with pull marketing channels such as search engines or other push marketing channels such as Facebook and Instagram that do outperform in many instances, when it comes to driving actions down the funnel (purchases, revenues, ROI, Cost per acquisition, etc.).  

Main features

  • Discover Snapchat Ad Manager, learn where the Ads appear and who should utilize them?
  • Understand how to extract the Snapchat pixel from the Ad Manager and place it on your website. Troubleshoot your pixel before starting any Ads.
  • Launch your first granular Snapchat Campaign based on your goals
  • Monitor and optimize your campaigns using the platform’s best practices
  • Stay ahead of your competitors and learn about the latest betas and developments of the platform. 

What is the target audience?

  • Digital Marketers with a young brand, a young target audience and a decent budget should consider taking this course in order to launch their first Snapchat campaigns.
  • Businesses owners who are eager to increase their familiarity with push marketing channels, especially if their target audience is 18+, 21+ or 25+

This course aims to help you uncover a push marketing channel that is highly popular among youngsters, Snapchat Ad Manager gives you, in addition to its targeting, bidding and setting features, the possibility to create engaging and Interactive Ads that other social media platforms do not necessarily offer. Some of the biggest brands worldwide use Snapchat to create filters and lenses that are customized to seasons or brand themes.  If you are looking to know how to track, operate, optimize and report on Snapchat Ads, this course is probably the right fit for you.

- Any Digital marketer looking to expand their digital exposure while leveraging a creative push marketing channel other than the regular Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.
- Anyone with a great product or service offer that has an audience on Snapchat (mostly youngsters below 35 years old) with great video content.
- Businesses with a decent Marketing budget
- Comprehensive introductory Course to Snapchat Ads
- Understand how to create and set up a Snapchat Ad account
- Learn how to install Snapchat’s Pixel
- Create your first Snapchat campaign and understand the logic behind the targeting and campaign structure
- Monitor and optimize your campaign efficiently
This course includes three sections:
1. One Slide document that includes a learning frame with detailed insights you can use to go back to if you have any questions or need any specific information related to the course.
2. Video course: a hands-on course in a video format to make the most of your learning experience with our instructor Aida Sahraoui
3. Quiz: test your knowledge and assess your skills thanks to our quick yet comprehensive quiz.

Apple iOS changes ⚠️A scary stat for advertisers...about two in five consumers will allow apps to track them in iOS 14, according to a recent survey of smartphone owners While over 60% will not allow apps tracking, and that will decrease global ad personalization capability by 44% 😲 as soon as Apple releases the next version of its mobile operating system.Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks💡Customers use their smartphones and tablets to access the web. It is crucial to make your website and content mobile-friendly 📲 and accessible to users on all screen sizes.Mobile market share worldwide is 52.1% compared to the desktop market share of 44.2%.Phone-based CPCs cost 24% less than desktop and have a 40% higher CTR.Quick tips for online marketing successUse social media actively:Regular communications 💬 with existing customers 👪 and drawing attention to those outside of social media (ie: getting in touch via your latest blog post) can definitely help in strengthening your brand.Go on now, don't leave them hanging 😉

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Enrolled: 276 students
Duration: 2 hours
Lectures: 2
Video: 1 hour
Level: Intermediate
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