Starting to learn about Digital marketing can be very intimidating, this field gets very technical and many students might get ... Show more
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Digital marketing is a generic word that defines the promotional activations happening through digital channels such as Search engine tools, Social Media channels, Emailing platforms, and any other internet-based platform. Similarly, Digital Marketing comprises any marketing activities executed electronically via devices such as TV, Tablets, Smartphones, connected devices, etc.

Digital marketing often opposes traditional Marketing, while traditional marketing is the “physical” process of prospecting new customers through print ads, outdoor advertising, voice calls, radio, and a few more, Digital marketing, on the contrary, encompasses computerized processes that help businesses find, connect and interact with their targeting audiences in a way that has never existed before.

As far as Digital marketing is concerned, tractability, targeting capabilities and real-time are key differentiators. We could never reach this level of measurement, accuracy, and effectiveness with traditional Marketing, this made a huge difference. Today, we, as digital marketers, are able to tell exactly the value initiated from every cent spent on a Digital Ad, the exact ROI* can be defined, we can track anything from how many times you see an Ad, when, how, and where were you when you clicked on it, which steps did you take once you landed on the website or the App, what actions were completed and at which stage have you dropped, eventually answering the “Why”.

In this course, you will get a full understanding of how all the above is possible and how it can be leveraged to achieve the most efficient results.

Main Features

  • Comprehensive introductory Course.
  • Understand the true meaning of Digital Marketing.
  • Comprehend the Digital Marketing ecosystem.
  • Discover the nuances behind Digital performance Marketing.
  • Comes with a great explanative video from the instructor.
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing Channels.

What is the target audience?

  • Learners interesting in learning how Digital marketing functions and which scope does this field of Marketing cover.
  • Fresh graduates, young professionals, and anyone looking for a career conversion will find this Introductory course very insightful.

Starting to learn about Digital marketing can be very intimidating, this field gets very technical and many students might get confused by the several definitions, the multitude of metrics, and the ever-changing landscape that becomes a real challenge to keep up with the latest trends. Marketing platforms keep evolving with regular updates of their algorithms, new products are being released and tested every day, this course provides the tools to better understand, connect, and use the latest Digital marketing mechanisms.

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Why should I learn Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing powered with AI has become an evitable skill set. If you are a marketer with no or less knowledge of Digital Marketing, chances are you will miss the boat. Learning Digital Marketing opens up a whole new world of opportunities, you can become an expert in the field, shift careers, improve your knowledge to land a promotion with further responsibilities or simply create value in your everyday life, the sky is the limit.
Why us? when everyone out there is claiming to be a Digital Expert? Here's why:
Proven and Tested methodology: with more than 5000 students, our digital marketing courses are based on a granular proprietary methodology that has proven a success rate of 96.5% when it comes to business KPIs success.
Comprehensive hands-on Digital Marketing Courses: our training courses include a variety of hands-on learning marketing material formats from Text, images, videos, live sessions, quizzes, Checklists, and many more.
Advanced Courses: unlike other Academies, at WONE ACADEMY, our experts focus on highly advanced digital courses leveraging data analysis with the latest AI technologies. We offer practical and concrete courses that will help you or your client improve your outcomes online.
Based on Real-life business scenarios: our courses are far from being theoretical, they constitute a high value in the business world taking real-life examples of KPIs, Strategies, and digital challenges. You will learn how to execute profitable and fully optimized digital campaigns.

...And these are only a few reasons, please visit our section Why WONE ACADEMY if you need more convincing.
What's in it for Individuals vs. Corporates
At WONE ACADEMY, we have deployed several models to meet everyone’s expectations. Individuals can learn everything about Digital Marketing on the platform while corporations can also opt for a group class instructed by our digital marketing expert Aida Sahraoui at their premises. contact for more information.
Can I take the classes on my Tablet?
Yes surely, learn from your desktop, Tablet or Mobile, in English (available), Arabic, and French (Coming soon). We work every day to enhance your learning experience making it as smooth as possible.
Who is behind the courses creation at WONE ACADEMY?
All our courses are created by highly skilled digital marketers with over 10 years+ experience of Agency/Client experience serving small, medium, and large businesses in the GCC and worldwide. Our instructor Aida Sahraoui is in charge of deploying and supervising all key content while ensuring the consistent improvement of quality standards across all courses.

The importance of enhancing your knowledge in digital Marketing — 01 December 2020WONE ACADEMY LAUNCH Stay focused and learn from the best, WONE ACADEMY launched its advanced digital academy for students around the world. Master hands-on digital Marketing techniques and learn from the best Real-life business success stories. Pick your favorite topics and get started today!Learning Digital Marketing during COVID-19 Pandemic, there has never been a better time. Working remotely, enriching your knowledge, and learning a new set of skills. Too good to be true? WONE ACADEMY gives all the tools to become a master, you can then work for anyone, from anywhere enjoy financial independence, and managing your time as you wish. NEW BETAS & PRODUCTS stay on top of your game, keep up with the latest digital trends and betas from the greatest marketing platforms.

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