Dynamic Search Ads is a fascinating Ad format/campaign type available on Google Ad Manager, these Ads follow the same auction and campaign structure logic compared to the Classic Search Ads many would know, they look pretty similar as well from a user’s eye on SERPs, the main difference is the targeting method, while DSA are either URL or feed-based while the Classic Search Ads are keyword-based.

Dynamic Search Ads use your website to dynamically trigger headlines and landing pages based on the user’s query. The purpose of these Ads is to capture this extra longtail traffic (very specific queries) that is necessarily captured by your Classic Search campaigns. Think of it as a laboratory that brings new ideas to your existing Search structure.

Dynamic Search Ads are complementary to your Google Static Search campaigns and work well together. It is not an either/or choice, both should be in place to maximize the results.

Note that DSA are not made for any advertiser, businesses need a well-structured and maintained website or Product feed to make great use of these activations, they also require a great number of optimizations especially If the budget is spent at a higher pace.  

This course takes you on a practical tour letting you learn everything about the strategy, execution and optimization of these campaigns. From Feed-based DSA campaigns to Google website index and URL-based targeting, learn how to troubleshoot your DSA campaigns. 

Main features

  • What are Google Dynamic Ads (DSA)?
  • How do I strategize and launch Dynamic Search Ads
  • Classic Dynamic Search Ads
  • Feed-based Dynamic Search Ads
  • Optimizing DSA campaigns
  • Tips and tricks around DSA

What is the target audience?

  • Digital Marketers with a decent mastery of Google Ad Manager desiring to strengthen their skills in advanced campaign types on Google Search.
  • Marketers who are interested to know more about DSA in order to create new campaigns or monitor existing ones.
  • Business owners what are curious to know more about this Ad type, eager to find out about the pros and cons and whether their business should go ahead with implementing Dynamic Search Ads.

The intent of the course is to teach our students everything about Dynamic Search Campaigns, from the strategy, tracking & measurement, to the actual execution of the different formats of DSA. Learners with a good understanding of how Google Ad Manager works will find this course easier, if that is not your case, that is still fine, we will dive together, step by step, into Google Ad manager to set up this highly powerful Google Search Ads type. We will focus on optimizing these campaigns that can only be powerful if optimized well following a rigorous methodology.

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• Any Digital marketer looking to expand their Google Search structure by broadening the Search spectrum using effective Dynamic Search Ads.
• Anyone desiring to improve their quality score and relevancy given limited resources, these dynamic Ads do wonders.
• Comprehensive introductory Course to Google Dynamic Search Ads
• Understand how Google Dynamic Search Ads work (feed-based vs. Google website index)
• Know how to set up Google Dynamic Search Ads
• Discover the key components of a Google Dynamic Search campaign and understand the dynamic targeting behind its structure
• Learn how to execute a highly efficient DSA campaign with the relevant targeting options
• Know how to measure the efficiency of your campaigns
This course includes three sections:
1. One Slide document that includes a learning frame with detailed insights you can use to go back to if you have any questions or need any specific information related to the course.
2. Video course: a hands-on course in a video format to make the most of your learning experience with our instructor Aida Sahraoui
3. Quiz: test your knowledge and assess your skills thanks to our quick yet comprehensive quiz.

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Enrolled: 684 students
Duration: 2 hours
Lectures: 2
Video: 1 hour
Level: Intermediate
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